Is It Cheaper To Buy In Store Or Online?

Found on the Homewood school campus, the main Johns Hopkins Technology Store is a one-stop alternative for anyone looking for tech solutions. Offering the very best choice of notebooks, desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets, Apple gear, cell phones, wireless telephone services, home entertainment, networking equipment and consumer electronic equipment, the store has everything you want. In addition to offering the best prices on tech products, the store is a one-stop shop for advice on the latest applications and Internet services including netbook and notebook rentals, Internet security, web site design and development, web hosting, network administration and troubleshooting, video games and media, home appliance maintenance and a whole lot more. The shop is located at Greenmount Park, close to the junction of Main Street and Locust Street in Baltimore. To get into the store, either use the Google Map or push down Locust Street in Baltimore and turn left at the light at the top.

A lot of people shop in the Maryland Technology Park for not just getting the best electronics deals but also for good in-store discounts too. The electronics, computers, laptops, notebook computers, iPad computers, televisions, digital cameras and other technology products that you find here are second to none. And also to get even greater savings, they offer special sales and promotions every season.

In reviewing the a variety of store websites, we determined there were four major things that affected consumer behavior towards tech stores. These four factors are the quality of service, choice, value, and reputation. Our research showed that although the choice of products and prices could possibly be the same, the level of consumer behaviour, including paying, was remarkably different at these stores. Individuals tended to invest more in the best electronics stores while they shopped less frequently at the average store. Consumers also appeared to have greater negative impressions of out-of-state retailers, which will be consistent with their lower income, and consequently more expensive purchases.

From the review of this technology store on the Internet, we discovered the most compelling attribute for most customers was that the online coupons. We also noticed that in comparison to buying items in person for an in-store coupon site, such as Best Buy, Microsoft, Office Depot, Wal-Mart or Target, employing an internet coupon saved the customer nearly 50 percent on average. This made shopping at the Maryland Technology Park a much greater value.

As another observation, we noted that people appeared to purchase more products online than at other technology shops. Part of this might be driven by the fact that Maryland lacks in-store locations for many large electronic retailer, thus driving the online orders into those shops. But, another component of the trend may be caused by the fact that people did not realize they might buy these goods from such online websites. Also, this factor may be warranted by the fact that Maryland doesn’t have an immediate sales taxation, like many other states, thus making purchases from such online websites much more appealing. These factors collectively direct us to our final observation about Maryland as a fantastic location for an electronics store: shoppers appeared to buy more in this shop, even after factoring in the higher prices, a bigger selection and lower prices at another online retailers.

The Maryland Technology Park has been discovered to have an adequate supply of consumer electronics store product. It seems to be a reasonable location for a consumer electronics store given it is the only mall in the state that has its very own in-house division of electronic equipment, has a technologically advanced central store, a huge showroom and a large selection of computer solutions. Additionally, because the mall lets online purchases, more things can be purchased in a shorter time period. In a last analysis, we note that this particular Maryland Technology Park appeared to have a slightly different business combination compared to other retail shops in the area. In general, this evidence indicates that buying electronics products in a technologically complex location such since this could be a very profitable experience for shoppers.